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Your Guide To Style Perfect Floral Clothes – 4 Tips

As spring and summer getting here, flowers are taking up most of the window shops and magazines. As a pattern that never goes out of fashion, floral print clothes become a must-have item in your wardrobe.

However, styling floral print is not as easy as it seems. Keep on reading to find out 4 tips on how to rock floral print.

1. Stick to one print

When it comes to floral fashion, always remember rule No.1 is, less is more. Mixing prints when several prints is involved is only for the brave and seasoned fashionistas.

For women who doen’t want to go to dramatic, the “floral + solid color ” rule will always work – pairing it with items that have no print and have only 1 color all over. Don’t add another print that competes.

2. No more than 3 colors

The less colors there are on your whole outfit, the better.  Floral is already a print that includes multiple colors, so you don’t want to add more colors and looks like a floral bush. Pair with any color you can find on the floral print to keep the consistency, or neutral colors and denim, which are colors that never go wrong.

3.Place it smart

There is no denying day the floral pattern always catch people’s eye at the first glance, so styling in the smart way by placing it away from the body part you don’t like. For example, if you are insured with your thigh, don’t know wear a pair of tight floral pants.

The floral dress is the first thing you notice.

4. Choose the right pattern size

Pattern sizes also make a huge different. Larger pattern is perfect for creating a bold and edge look and it draws more attention. But if you are aiming at a casual, modest and gentle look, smaller small is more for you.

Small Pattern VS Large Pattern

Comment down below and share your thoughts or your tips! 🙂

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