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How To Dress Well? Avoid These 4 Misunderstandings First

Many girls often spend a lot of time choosing clothes in front of the closet, and many clothes are brand-name and expensive, but the dress up is not satisfactory, Why? That’s because you got into a misunderstanding, Next, let’s take a look at the 4 common misunderstandings before you learn how to dress well.

how to dress well

A White Complexion Is Powerful Enough To Hide Seven Faults

We always think whatever you wear you will look beautiful if you are skin is very white, so we will not take attention to choosing the color. This is very wrong.

Actually, the white skin girl is not suitable to wear a soft faded yellow dress, which will make your whole person look like particularly haggard, like someone who has been sick for a long time, If you wear a dress look like a patient, then it will be a failed dress up.

white skin - how to dress well

White skin is suitable for light colors, that will look very young, very energetic and more youthful. If you are a mature girl, do not want to look so youthful and lovely but want to mature and noble temperament, then you can choose some dark clothes.

Dark Skin Should Wear Dark Colors

Sometimes a friend with dark skin will be sneered at for wearing white, they always make fun of them by saying they shouldn’t wear white because their skin is so dark. In this case, the friend with dark skin will think he should wear black, so as not to appear particularly dark skin. But just white or black fit for dark skin?

Of course not, Actually, girls with dark skin are not suitable for wearing dark clothes. If you wear dark clothes and match your skin color, no one can see you in the middle of the night. In addition, dark skin with dark clothes will make you look black and haggard, so it is not a good match. Of course, wear the dress that light color fastens to also be able to show black, because of the reason of contrast color, so the skin is black should avoid brunet and the dress with bright color at the same time.

dark skin wear cool colors - how to dress well

The most suitable color for a friend with dark skin is the cool colors, including blue, purple and green color, so as not to look haggard, or the color of skin and clothing contrast. In addition, accessories should be in warm colors to give your outfit a unique color scheme.

Wearing Black Looks Thinner

Always can hear black special show thin, the small fat girl must wear black to wait for this kind of word, but actually, this kind of view basically does not have any basis. Wearing black on the top or bottom of your body does make you look slimmer, which means wearing black where you want to hide the meat, but not all black outfit, Because of this will make you look more fat.

If you want to cover up all your body and wear black, you will not only not look thin, but also look fat. Black does give you a slight slimming effect, but if you wear it all over your body, it will look like a weight. So don’t think wearing black all over will make you look thinner.

upper white lower black

Since black is such a versatile color, you can choose to wear it on the top or bottom half of your body, and it will look better with other colors that suit you or your favorite!

Vertical Stripes Make You Look Thinner

I think that many people have heard of the small fat girl should choose vertical stripe redundant horizontal stripe because horizontal stripe can cause visual sex illusion, let others feel you are fatter.

Nevertheless, no matter which kind of stripe, no matter be horizontal or vertical stripe should choose thinner stripe, because thick stripe can have an adverse effect, appear more fat.

Vertical Stripes Make You Look Thinner

The same is true from the pattern, choosing clothes with a larger pattern will make you look fat, so you need to choose clothes with a smaller pattern, which can make you look thinner and younger.

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