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5 Last Minute Halloween Prepping Ideas + Big Savings!

Do you finish your Halloween preparation works? We have to admit that sometimes it can be a burden for a busy mom and can put a damper on the fun. Don't worry - it is still not too late!

In this post you can find 5 easist way to get everything ready for Halloween in just 1-2 days! Set the tone at your door Wether you have steps leading up to your house or a front yard, simply place some cute Halloween details like pumpkins, brooms or a cute graphic carpet that will woo all your guests! You also DIY or purchase a door hanging sign with some spookys sayings on it.

Make Halloween-themed blankets

Glue fuzzy white yarn on your plank color blanket to form a spider web. Pair it with a set of cozy pajamas and a pair of warm socks. What a comfy way to enjoy a horror movie night.

Spice yourself up with cute accessories

If you're not really feelin' the whole costume thing this year, or you want to bring your Halloween costume to the next level, try accessoring yourself just to add a small touch of Halloween to your outfit. A necklace, earrings or witch hat with horror elements can be totally spooky!

Leave your mark

Use some red paints to leave some realistic-looking bloody handprints on your mirrors, walls, or windows. I would recommend do this on glass surface - it is easier to remove.

Go batty with wall decor

Grab some black cardpaper, cut them out bat-shaped, and glue them on the wall - what a easy and fab way to spice up a blank wall in your home. Or you can directly get bat cut-outs on Bellelily to save you lots of works.

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