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3 Halloween Makeup Ideas You Can Easy To DIY

Halloween is coming, In this special festival an impressive Halloween makeup is essential, But to make a good Halloween makeup is not easy. Today, I’ll share you 3 easy Halloween makeup ideas, so you can easy to DIY your Halloween makeup.

Vampire Tears

Vampire Tears - Halloween makeup

1. Apply dark red lipstick on lips and lower eyelids

2. Use berry color blush to drip the corners of the eyes and lips

3. Finally, use a cotton swab to pick up the blush solution, smudge, and refinement.

Clown Mouth

Ghost Bride - Halloween makeup

1. Draw the upper lip with a red lipstick

2. Draw the lower lip with white painted pigment

3. Use red lipstick to draw a fake lower lip

4. Finally, sketched the tooth with an eyebrow pencil

Ghost Bride

Ghost Bride_1

1. Use blue-gray painted pigment to make a base face

Ghost Bride_2

2. Use white-painted pigment to draw two large circles in the eye

Ghost Bride_3

3. Use black painted paint to outline big eye sockets, eyebrows, cheeks

Ghost Bride_4

4. Draw the big lips with bright red lipstick

Ghost Bride_5

5. Finally, Put on a blue wig

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